Natural Nutrition offers a different approach from regular nutritional therapy. It offers the knowledge, information and practices to create freedom in all levels of the individual to help return to a state of vibrant health.

Natural Nutrition works on the idea that the body’s natural state is one of incredible health. Unfortunately, modern life has created a great deal of stress and toxicity both inside and outside our bodies, which our systems struggle to deal with.

But a return to a state of vibrant health is possible! We simply need to remove the stressors and introduce a diet which nourishes and supports our individual constitution, alongside techniques to cleanse.


Holistic Approach

I will work with you to look back at your case history, before putting together a programme precisely tailored to ensure your body gets what it requires to return to vibrant health. My work with you will offer you all the knowledge and information you need to keep yourself in the best health for the rest of your life – it aims to empower you with understanding rather than simply dictate suggestions.

The programme will cover the importance of diet and nutrition, specifically in relation to yourself, and will offer naturopathic techniques to support the body’s cleansing processes. This ensures that as toxicity is gradually released from the body, it can be fully eliminated resulting in better health.


Real Results

This practice of natural nutrition is extremely powerful – both for those suffering ‘unexplained’ and long-term health issues, or those simply wishing to raise their ‘norm’ and feel better every day.

These practices work alongside natural cycles to ensure that any changes work in relation to the surrounding environment, increasing their effectiveness.

The result will be a stronger body, vibrant health and increased clarity of mind and performance.

And if you are a yoga practitioner, this will support your practice by opening up the channels of the body, increasing the movement of energy (prana), making your practice more effective and helping you to feel more vital every day.



My specialisations come from both my training and my own personal experience. See ‘About Me’ for more information. But rest assured that I fully ‘practice what I preach’ and what I teach!

  • Weight Loss / Healthy Eating – lose weight healthily or improve your current diet
  • Diet for Yoga Practitioners – how to enhance your practice through eating right
  • Digestive Disorders – IBS, indigestion, bloating, irregular bowels,etc.
  • Eating Distress / Disorders – anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, comfort eating, addictions, cravings, blood sugar irregularities
  • Menstrual Irregularities – amenorrhoea, heavy periods, PMS, etc.
  • Pre-Conceptual Health – those wishing to be in the best health while trying for a baby; for men and women
  • Pregnancy
  • Chronic Fatigue / Depression – CPS, ME, long-term low energy issues, lack of vitality
  • Blood sugar issues/Diabetes – resulting in crashes in energy or cravings and the desire to overeat
  • Vegetarian / Veganism – those wishing to adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet and wishing to do so healthily