“Katie has an inspiringly creative approach: new ideas and challenges are built carefully but steadily into core patterns, and she actively works to build students’ knowledge of postures and technique.

Our classes are open to all levels, and Katie has the passion and understanding to encourage, challenge and support students of a wide range of abilities. She exudes confidence, energy and positivity, which prescribe the mood of every class.”

Lawrence Newcombe


“Katie is an excellent yoga teacher. She is one of the most creative and motivational teachers I have experienced. She is tough but she always gives suitable options for those of us who are not as flexible in certain poses.

I have attended her classes for over two years and would have no hesitation in recommending her excellent services.”

Susie Wadleigh


“Katie is a very inspiring, knowledgeable and likeable teacher. She has a wonderful way of making her classes very creative, helping you to discover new ways to work through the asanas and build confidence in your practice. She always makes time for individual attention, no matter how large the class is, and gives wonderful and precise adjustments.

I have always enjoyed that Katie’s classes are so rounded, always including an element of breathwork, relaxation and intention-setting, as well as a good mix of posture-work. She also pays attention to passing on little nuggets of useful information about anatomy, yogic philosophy, meditation etc. which can so often be missing from many yoga classes, and goes a long way to help pass on the breadth of yoga over and above the practice of the postures. Katie manages to do this effortlessly, showing her love and knowledge of the subject.

I always look forward to Katie’s classes, and hope to attend many more!”

Sandip Patel


“I have been practising with Katie for more than a year and a half. I would recommend her very highly. She is a very committed teacher – and also an enthusiastic and kind one, who is careful to ensure that everyone practises safely.

I have attended both led classes and her self-practice ones.

I was initially very hesitant about self-practice, but Katie encouraged me to try it out. Unlike other attempts to self-practice, I found the experience a very good one – Katie was very encouraging and supportive, and always had her eye on what I was doing and ensured I didn’t get stuck. Her adjustments are very good and particularly tailored to me as an individual.

Her led classes are equally good and very popular – I drop in on quite a lot of lunchtime classes and I would say she is the most popular teacher at the Light Centre. She is sensitive to the mood and dynamics of attendees and tailors the practice accordingly.”

Rosalind Bingham


“I have studied yoga with Katie for over 2 years and can honestly say she is one of the best teachers I have ever had (if not the best!). Her approachable manner and adaptable style means she finds a way to make yoga work for everyone – regardless of their ability or limitations. Her friendly demeanour and clear explanations make her classes enjoyable while at the same time enlightening. Whether it is a 45 minute or 2 hour class you can be sure to leave feeling like you have had a completely holistic and enriching yoga class which can be at times challenging but is always tailored to the specific group with which she is working.

Katie has taught me in the self practice style as well as in led classes and has often gone out of her way to send me information, research specific topics on my behalf and generally help me deepen my yoga practice and it is through working with her that I have gained so much more understanding about ht e many sides of yoga. I cannot recommend Katie highly enough as a yoga teacher and I know that this is an opinion shared by many at the Light Centre.

Elena Hall


“Katie has been my preferred and regular Yoga teacher for almost three years now. She has a great knowledge and capability for teaching and motivating the students during frequently challenging sessions. Amazingly she remembers most of us by name. I have experienced different yoga teachers in a few different countries over twenty five years of irregular practice and she is the best.”

John Harding


“Katie is an excellent yoga teacher. Her experience and attention to detail combined with eloquence make her very professional and caring.

I very much enjoy her classes.”

Raffaella D’Agostino


“Katie is a highly competent yoga teacher, who communicates beautifully and structures her classes with thought and creativity. She truly cares about the students, of all strengths and experience, and manages to provide a fulfilling experience for everyone. Her own understanding of flow and alignment of Hatha yoga gives one confidence that we can trust her to guide us, beyond the limits we’d set for ourselves and yet pursue a meaningful and spiritual practice. She is generous in time and word.”

Toby Gordon Dichter