Nutrition Testimonials


“Although initially a little nervous about seeing a nutritionist, Katie made me feel really at ease talking about diet and techniques. Sharing from her own experiences, her inspiring stories and natural approach to nutrition is encouraging and supportive.

After observing my daily habits and understanding my personal history, Katie put together a three stage plan – this made implementing changes into a busy lifestyle much more manageable. I now feel confident that I can make educated decisions about what’s best for my body – and more important, I feel great!”

– Alisa Patel-Smart


“Working with Katie on her nutritional consultations has been a positive and enjoyable experience. Her knowledge in nutrition and insights have been invaluable and her approach is both collaborative and instructive without being intrusive. Improvements to my health have been noticeable and hopefully lasting.”

– Jennifer Ellis


“Since meeting Katie, my energy levels have improved and digestion is much better! It’s a privilege to be treated by Katie, she combines all her knowledge, looks at your body as a whole and treats you entirely without judgement. I’m starting to feel great and we’ve only just begun!”

– Samira Schmidl-McBriar


“I found Katie via a connection to the yoga studio I practice at in South London. Having lived with eating disorders and depression for many years, I have tried a lot of different approaches, with varying degrees of usefulness, and came to realise that there is no single ‘magic bullet’. I consulted Katie to get some practical insight and suggestions that would help support my recovery. She took a very in-depth history and her approach is completely holistic – body, mind and spirit. She is sympathetic but focused and provided me with very detailed recommendations, backed up with personalised analysis, that encompassed diet, supplements, exercise and alternative therapies. I found Katie to be approachable, knowledgeable and passionate about what she does.”

– Esther, London


“I have always liked to think that I have a fairly healthy diet and I exercise regularly however I kept getting reoccurring sore throats every week, had asthma issues and generally felt tired in the afternoon.

I was recommended Katie by a friend. For the first session I was asked to fill in a food diary and answer questions about my health and background. Katie took this away and came back with some recommendations for me, and took me through them all explaining the reasoning behind each change.  I was able to implement most of Katie’s recommendations easily into my diet straight away although I will confess there were also a couple that I did not manage!  I noticed a change within the first few weeks and felt great by the time I was due to be married a few months later.

However I decided to have my honeymoon off and eat and drink whatever I want. I was shocked at the results. Within two weeks I had two sore throats, I was using my asthma pump daily and my energy levels were back to how they were before. I could not wait to get home and re-start healthy living!”

-Stacy Towler